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 Luciano Tile & Marble has earned an international reputation for providing unique, high-end quality products. We offer impeccable efficient service, tailored to meet the customer’s budget and specifications. As the manufacturers of some of the world’s leading products in the stone industry, our equipment and inventory, combined with our 10-year knowledge and experience, will ensure the success of your project.


Personalized advice

At Luciano, our experienced team helps you sift through an overwhelming sea of options to select the best materials for your unique project. Our extensive collection of tile, marble and stone allows you to see and touch each product to help you envision them in your home. We are here to help, to listen to your ideas, and to provide suggestions, giving you the information that you need to make confident choices and decisions for your project.

Design and architecture

We create and design the plans for your project to help you take your project from big picture planning to the fine details that help you create a space that is your own, built from your dreams for the way you live. At Luciano’s, we’re known for award-winning design for new construction, renovation and upgrades for projects from full homes or offices to small kitchens and bathrooms, and everything in between!

Installation and assembly

Our installation experts are highly trained and detail-oriented, ensuring that your project will be completed successfully and according to specifications.


At Luciano’s, we are happy when our clients are happy! That’s why you have our guarantee that your experience with our services and products is exceptional from start to finish.



Marble is undoubtably one of the best products on the market to add that touch of luxury to your project. It is available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes that provides flexibility to create the ideal look for your space that coordinates with your home décor, color scheme, and your personal style! 


At Luciano’s, we call Granite “the beautiful rock”! Besides its natural, organic beauty, granite is extremely easy to care for, resists chips and scratches, as well as damage from stains, heat and moisture. It is an ecological, affordable, and durable stone with unique markings in each piece that allow you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home!


With a wide range of colors, quartz is a welcome newcomer in the tile and marble market! It is stunning in appearance, with luxurious depth and detail not found in other stones. Besides its beauty, quartz is as durable and strong as granite or concrete yet is even more resistant to scratches as well as cracking or chipping. It is non-porous, so it resists staining, and even bacteria and viruses!


Onyx has a rare translucent beauty with contrasting shades and layers of stone that are formed in nature over millions of years. It is available in a wide range of colors and neutral shades, as well as speckled, veined and swirled patterns. Onyx is long-lasting when maintained and sealed properly to protect it from scratches and cracks. Many people feel that onyx is worth the extra work of caring for it because of its exotic beauty and potential to create a stunning look in the home.


Quartzite is solid natural stone that is available in colors found in nature that give it a beautiful and subtle appearance. It is more durable and heat resistant than quartz. Both quartz and quartzite are gorgeous stones that deserve your consideration when planning your home construction or renovation projects!


In our ten years in the tile and marble business, Luciano’s has built relationships with the area’s most trusted general contractors, interior designers, realtors, architects and homeowners. Our team will connect you to the right partners for your project to ensure a seamless experience for your construction, renovation or update.

Luciano Tile & Marble has been referred by dozens of qualified customers like interior designers, general contractors, realtors, architects and home owners.


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